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The business loan for bridging finance

Financial independence and flexibility play an important role for the self-employed, freelancers and small business owners, as they are important prerequisites for making business decisions freely. Only in this way is it possible to implement one’s own ideas, to remain true to the planned corporate philosophy and not to lose sight of the entrepreneurial goal. However, it is not possible for everyone to accumulate sufficient reserves, especially during the first years of operations, if unexpected events require additional liquidity.

In such situations there are several possibilities. One of them would be the private investment, which is quite problematic because private money should not be used to permanently cover financial bottlenecks in the business. Under certain circumstances, smaller companies and the self-employed depend on a short-term business loan or corporate loan.

Short-term loan instead of long-term business loan

Short-term loan instead of long-term business loan

Unlike investments, where a business loan with the longest possible guaranteed interest rate can be the better choice, a short-term flexible business loan makes sense in the case of short-term bottlenecks. In many cases, a business loan for the self-employed with a loan amount of between 1,000 and 10,000 euros and only a few weeks’ duration is sufficient to meet unexpected financial obligations.

This makes it possible, for example, to pay for repairs or to interim finance goods and services until the next payment is received, without having to commit oneself in the long term and having to pay interest on a business loan over a longer period of time.

If banks waver:

The alternative business loan from Bank

Many banks as well as private lenders often show little interest in the low-lending and short-term loans segment, but are more anxious to retain customers on a long-term basis. In many cases, comprehensive collateral or interest rates are required for such a business loan and often even lending is linked to specific uses.

Anyone who wants to secure a short-term business loan as a self-employed person, while maintaining flexibility, and who does not want to undergo cumbersome approval procedures, is well advised to take out a short-term loan to bridge temporary liquidity bottlenecks.

BankFit Short Term Loan:

The flexible business loan with a 30-day term

The loan offer of BankFit is available to companies as well as freelancers, self-employed persons and startups of numerous branches who need a business loan for bridging fast and uncomplicated. Here you can conveniently borrow 1,000 to 10,000 euros online and pay back within 7 to 30 days (optionally even within 60 days).

A short-term loan from BankFit is not linked to a specific project or specific purpose, but you can use the loan amount from the business loan as you wish. Whether you’re shopping for goods and services, paying off debts, or paying bills, a business loan from BankFit keeps you flexible.

As a customer of BankFit you do not take any risks, because there are no pre-costs and there are no hidden costs. You only lend as much as you actually need and with the next cash receipt, you can easily pay back the loan amount.

Simply apply for short-term credit online

With the Business Loan Calculator from BankFit it is very easy to apply for a short-term loan. With the sliders on the BankFit credit calculator, you decide yourself how much and for how long you want to take out a loan. Immediately the exact business loan interest rate and the specific interest amount will be displayed, which will be charged to you.

Short repayment terms of 7 to 30 days, and low loan amount up to a maximum of 10,000 euros mean not only moderate business interest rates, but also make other risk and credit ratings possible, so that even self-employed with medium credit rating have a chance at a business loan.

Master financial hurdles with Bank

A short-term loan from BankFit is not only an uncomplicated and flexible long-term business loan, but also a helpful tool that provides self-employed, startups and freelancers with financial liquidity and flexibility at all times, enabling them to meet short-term financial needs without long-term dependencies.

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